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Shell Lake Educational Foundation (SLEF)

The Shell Lake Educational Foundation (SLEF) is organized to strengthen community participation in educational programs operating in the Shell Lake School District.  Additional financial and other assistance, in areas which are not ordinarily provided through their operating budgets, are also provided.  SLEF strives to be an integral part of the educational community by assisting our district.  With the current challenging education financial system in Wisconsin, SLEF’s work of raising and providing additional funding educational tools and opportunities for our students beyond what a school budget can support becomes more important each year. SLEF is governed by a volunteer board of trustees who operate independently of the school district's Board of Education. 

SLEF was founded in 2002 by a group of people who value the Shell Lake area community and understand the importance of having and supporting a strong education system within that community.  Active SLEF members realize the quality of our school system and ask your help with allowing us to enhance our students’ education. 

Our Purpose

  • to provide enriched learning opportunities;

  • to promote and encourage local business, civic, and private sector involvement with such educational programs in the district;

  • to encourage creative and innovative educational programs;

  • to accept major gifts from donors specifically restricted to one or more of the set purposes; and

  • if the opportunity arises, to acquire property of any nature (by gift or otherwise) and to hold, operate and/or sell the same, the net proceeds of which shall be used for the foregoing purposes.

Your Investment in Education

You can become involved in many ways. Your financial support provides students and educators with tools and encouragement to enrich their lives through educational opportunities.

  • Personal gifts or cash, checks, or securities

  • Matching gifts from your employer

  • Memorial gifts to honor loved ones

  • Estate gifts through wills, insurance, or trust funds

  • Your Volunteer time

All Contributions and gifts are fully Deductable for Income Tax purposes as provided in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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