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  • School District of Shell Lake
  • 271 Hwy 63
  • Shell Lake, WI 54871
  • 715-468-7816
  • 715-468-7812 (fax)
  • Superintendent
    Mr. David Bridenhagen
About the District of Shell Lake

About our school . . .

Shell Lake offers a full 4K-12 curriculum, updated to align with the Common Core in the areas of math and language arts. Grades are uniquely organized to match our facilities to the needs of the students.  The Shell Lake School District services 161 square miles. Our student-teacher ratio of 9:1 provides for comfortable, in-depth studies in a caring atmosphere.



That is the best way to describe Shell Lake as a community and as a school district. With a newer facility (1993), housing grades 3-12, and a renovation of the primary grades facility, we are in the enviable position of being able to meet our students' needs into the 21st Century.


The excellence of our facilities are being matched by the administration and faculty. 


Technology plays a big part in the development of our children. The need for greater exploration into technology has never been more important. Shell Lake has accepted this challenge by expanding its Computer and Vocational courses and is making a strong commitment to providing a first-rate Tech Ed department. In addition, the entire staff has access to the latest technology in their classes. Three separate labs have been included in our 3-12 facility and a separate computer lab has been set aside for grades K-2.  Most important, however, is the district commitment to student access to technology.  Each student in grades 9-12 is supplied with a laptop computer that they can take home and use 24/7.  We have also purchased over 250 iPads for student use in grades PK-8.  We also provide student and public access to our district wireless network.

School District of Shell Lake
271 Hwy 63
Shell Lake, WI 54871
Phone: 715-468-7816
Fax: 715-468-7812